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Launching a bespoke offering for startups.

We help businesses with on-point brand strategy and digital-first marketing solutions.

For an entrepreneur, an engineer, or a scientist, building a great product or service is, most of the time, not enough. There have been plenty of startups with terrific products that don't make it. Often they fail to take off because brand strategy and marketing were an afterthought, not a strategic component from the beginning.

At Penati and Partners, we believe that it's never too early to think about your brand. It's the foundation of any successful business. But it can be overwhelming with all the options out there.

Our job is to help you distill what's essential and guide you through the maze of branding, marketing, and PR to come out a winner.

To do so, we have identified four elements that every startup should consider:

  1. Brand Strategy

  2. Brand Identity

  3. Marketing Strategy

  4. Integrated Data-driven Marketing Roadmap

#1. Brand Strategy, the foundational pillar.

Every startup is quite good at telling what they do—a few articulate how they do it and differentiate from the competition. Almost none can clearly explain their purpose, the "why" behind their business for customers and stakeholders. Even though purposeful companies outperform the stock market by 42%*, drive more (79%) loyalty among customers** and attract and retain employees, particularly among millennials.***

Our approach to a clever brand strategy is focused on creating:

  • A purpose statement that defines why you exist,

  • A vision statement that charts where you're headed,

  • The core values describe how you behave as an organization.

  • We take these elements and interweave them with the overall context, the problem you solve, the market dynamics, and the challenges you face — writing it in a story form that we call the brand narrative.

This content will inform everything related to branding, marketing, and PR now and for years to come. Skipping this step when building a company is like building a house without foundation; it will never be 100% solid.

*The Conference Board Inc, 2018

** 2018 Cone and Porter Novelli consumer research

*** 2016 Cone Communications Millennial Employee Engagement Study

#2. Brand Identity, bringing the brand strategy to life.

Once we have a well-defined brand strategy, the second step is to bring it to life. By this, we mean that the brand DNA needs to come across in all forms of expression. Visually and through words.

In this phase, we carefully develop:

  • All the visual elements that make your brand unique, from the logo to the color palette, typography, iconography, and photography.

  • The tone of voice of your brand and the personality. How do you 'talk' to your stakeholders?

We incorporate all these forms of brand identity in a Brand Guide.

#3. Marketing Strategy, from your business goals to the customer journey.

Below the steps we'll take to develop a successful marketing strategy:

  • Define your top business and marketing goals, KPIs and timeline to build an accountable marketing program

  • Build customer profiles and segments driven by insights, demographic, psychographic and behavioral data. This includes clarity as to what we want our customers to do at all stages of their journey and the barriers and drivers to make that happen.

  • Draft a Customer Journey Map that articulates customer intent, the channels and tactics that will help them reach their goals and convert business.

#4. Integrated, Data-Driven Marketing Roadmap

Once the brand has a solid foundation and we've created all the puzzle pieces, it's time to put them together in one integrated, digital-first, strategic roadmap.

  • Craft the calendarized view of the program and always-on tactics by channel

  • Define an Agile Marketing Process for Marcoms to test-and-learn and continuously optimize the marketing execution based upon performance data

  • Build a marketing dashboard to inform progress towards business goals and enable optimization of media and tactics.

While companies are often tempted to rush things in their eagerness to get their product or service out into the world, having a roadmap always saves time and money in the long run. A few weeks "lost" now = months and dollars saved later.

Other available services include:

  • Naming Assessment and Development

  • Website Development and Refresh

  • Paid Media + Search Marketing + Creative Testing

Interested in learning more? Contact us for a chat!

Photo by Mark Fletcher-Brown on Unsplash


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