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Building Bridges Between Italy and the U.S.: a Partnership with SmartItaly.

One of my favorite things to do business-wise is to work across cultures, and help companies, big and small, succeed in new markets. I've been fortunate enough to have worked with wonderful people and amazing companies across all continents throughout my entire career. I had incredible, rewarding experiences in many countries, from South Korea and China to Mexico and Brazil, to the U.K. and South Africa, to Egypt and the U.A.E., to Vietnam and Australia, just to name just a few.

And of course, Italy, where my career started many moons ago.

That's why I'm very excited to announce that we've signed an agreement with SmartItaly, a leading Italian PR firm, to collaborate promoting and supporting Italian companies coming to the U.S. and, vice versa, helping American companies going overseas.

It's a natural outcome of many years spent in both countries, understanding the two markets well, both cultures, and how things work (or not.)

After thirty years in communication and marketing, of which the last twenty-two were in the U.S. and with a global emphasis, I am personally thrilled to help Italian companies and startups succeed in the United States as well as to assist American companies breaking into the Italian and European markets. The cultural aspect, combined with the local markets' knowledge, is essential to obtain valuable outcomes without wasting resources unnecessarily.

Founded by Andrea Prandi a decade ago, SmartItaly is a leading Italian P.R. firm with in-depth knowledge and expertise in strategic verticals, including finance, energy, automotive, food, telecom, and consumer electronics. Andrea and I worked together in the early '90s, so it was natural to start collaborating together again.

The collaboration has been informally operational for a few months, supporting some Italian companies' entry into the U.S. market. In partnership with the Italian Trade Agency, we recently had the opportunity to promote more than 50 Italian startups at CES 2021 All Digital.

Since I've launched Penati and Partners, my goal has been to create alliances with people and firms to provide the best branding, marketing and communications solutions for clients facing a challenge, like entering a new market.

For Italian companies coming to the U.S., we offer strategic consulting services, such as brand strategy and brand identity for startups and data-driven integrated marketing and communications planning for companies of any size. We also help identify the right partner to smartly and successfully execute the plan.

I am genuinely looking forward to building a bridge between Italy and the U.S. to bring successful companies on both sides of the pond.


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