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We are modern branding and communications advisors who help agencies, brands, and startups solve big-picture, strategic problems and capitalize on new opportunities — all while keeping their talent happy and never leaving money on the table.


We come with years of experience at top branding, marketing, and PR agencies… but without the typical agency overhead or bureaucracy.


We’ve helped build and shape hundreds of agencies and brands over the last two decades to become more recognized, more trusted, and more loved by their customers.


Our model is hyper-efficient and straightforward: a network of talented senior professionals dedicated to solving our clients’ problems.


We are agile, swift, accessible, and, we'd like to think, fun to work with. We take our clients’ work very seriously… but never ourselves. 

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Abstract Bridge

Drawing on decades of experience helping global companies break through in new markets, Penati and Partners has a strong focus on developing strategies to bridge cultural divides.


Companies entering new, unfamiliar markets will sink or swim based on their ability to understand the culture that’s welcoming them, which is why they need a partner to help them integrate carefully and thoughtfully.


Whether you’re an American company venturing abroad or an international company heading to the US, Penati and Partners can help you to develop the best strategic approach, building the right team and, ultimately, stand out.


For the past 30+ years, I’ve helped shape, build, and protect brands, companies, and nonprofits — from startups to the Fortune 500. 

I began my career in Italy in the mid-'80s, before moving to California in the late '90s, where I worked with Apple as part of the team tasked with orchestrating its comeback. I've launched hundreds of products and companies in Europe, the US, and globally.


I advise founders and C-level executives all around the world on how to strategically use communications and storytelling to reach their business goals while making the world a better place. I’ve helped international companies entering the US market, and domestic companies going global.


I've worked at the best agencies in business: Edelman, Ogilvy, and Weber Shandwick (strictly in alphabetical order).


Throughout my career, I saw too many corporations and startups wasting time and money. Mostly for two reasons: 1. they weren’t strategic in their use of communications to reach their business goals; 2. they had the wrong partner or internal set-up. 


That's why I founded Penati and Partners: to help agencies, brands and startups reach new heights.

We bring the fresh perspective of outsiders, with the thoughtful consideration of teammates. We will be your advisors, your coaches, and, sometimes, your matchmakers. Are you ready to help your company reach new heights?

Luca Penati

Founder and Chief Advisor

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Nancy Duarte DataStory copy_edited.jpg

Nancy Duarte

Principal and CEO, Duarte Inc.

Luca is very bright and helped us think through and deploy how to announce our New York presence. He fit right into the team and added value immediately.


Marco Marinucci

Founder and CEO,

Mind The Bridge

Luca is a gifted advisor, and coached our entrepreneurs to think about their company narrative as an intrinsic part of their business strategy, and not as an afterthought.


Dr. Samantha Dewalt

Managing Director, Lehigh@NasdaqCenter

Luca is a strategic partner who helped to bring our thought leadership platform to life in an innovative way. He was on top of everything the whole way through and was always there when I needed him. 


Alex Pruden

Chief Strategy Officer

Aleo Systems Inc.

Luca is the Navy SEAL of Marketing. For Aleo, he built a brand strategy that will last for years.


Ready to bring your business to NEW HEIGHTS? LET'S TALK!

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